11/2/07 ~ Workshop at Grandview


From Amalia Connolly: I found the Zoom H2 Handy Recorder for around $200 which creates MP3 directly.

Dear Friends,

It was a joy having you at Grandview. It sounds as though we are all moving in the same direction -- dipping in at different places. My hope is that some of the challenges you face regarding acquisition of software, hardware and "time" will not stop you from charging ahead. It might mean a personal investment -- time, a few dollars, or both. -- to kick-start the engine. Show them a "product" and make them ask for more -- then ask them to invest.

I added info on PhotoStory and the Podcast Gear Guy link (microphones etc.) below.
I also did some research on the next microphone I will purchase for podcasting ... Samson CO1U USB Condenser Mic 74.65 & Samson SP01 Shockmount 1 $29.00 on Amazon.

My door will always be open. Hoping to hear from you in the near future. Feel free to email me with thoughts, questions, ideas etc

And a big thank you to John Monahan for organizing and pulling-off the impossible -- 20+ librarians set lose in one day for a field trip. Hooray!




Starting the Day

  • Welcome, Introductions, Laptops
  • Setup Attendees with their Mini Journal Project Organizers -- Questions, notes etc.
  • Today's Workshop Overview
  • Stories: Reading & Children OR First Days Memoir
  • Making It Work: Eliminate the Thrashing & Friction; Systems Thinking; "Think Rocks not Sand"
  • Support when day is over...

Technology As Vehicle...

  1. Share ~ Distribute
  2. Collect (Search, Request), Analyze, Evaluate, Organize, Store
  3. Comment On & Solicit Feedback
  4. Create ~ Individually & Collectively

Grandview Library

Cool Down ~ Share Story Reading & Children

.... BREAK, Snacks ... Informal Discussion ....


Web-based project organizers provide a one-to-one workspace for students to access and respond to teacher-developed units of study and to provide two-way communication between student and teacher. Project organizers support whole class instruction, small group instruction, collaborative learning, and individual learning experiences. Organizers can be developed for any grade level to incorporate multiple media: Text, images, audio, video, web-based games, activities, website links. Organizers can be adapted to reach and engage students of all levels and learning styles. I will present several organizers and resources for attendees to develop their own organizers.

Digital Pencil

Producing for Others ...



** Mentioned Today...

Most Frequently Used Software & Web 2.0

QUESTIONS Throughout


Hard Copy

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About ~ Some - More

Websites ~ Grandview Library, Digital Pencil

  Thrashing Towards the Future

First Days Memoir

Reading and Children
What Was I Thinking - RCSBA 2004
  September Grandview Library Newsletter
Nanuet HS Graduation Speech 2004

A Philosophy in Four Quotes

The Boy Who Would Be a Helicopter - Paley
...every child comes into the classroom in a vehicle propelled by that child alone, for a particular purpose. Here is where the fair study of children begins and where teaching becomes a moral act. (Forward by Robert Coles) ...only by reaching into the endemic imagery of each child can we proceed together in any mutual enterprise. All else is superficial, we will not have touched one another
(p. 12)

The Right to Learn -Darling Hammond
...the sin quo non of education is whether teachers know how to make complex subjects accessible to diverse learners and whether they can work in partnership with parents and other educators to support children's development ... Creating a web of always available supports for students' and teachers' learning is the difficult, unglamorous, but absolutely essential work that will make the difference in school reform.  
(p. 294)

The Fifth Discipline - Senge
Real learning gets to the heart of what it means to be human ...Through learning, we extend our capacity to create, to be a part of the generative process of life.

Small is the New Big - Goden
... a wall, a place where a huge percentage of people abandon the process.  The same thing happens when people learn trigonometry... If each step isn't too difficult, the user will clear the hurdle.  But the moment you have a step that's too hard, too time-consuming, or offers too little, people stop.
(p. 254 )

Is This a Pillar?
All we can do is keep asking the question: "Is this a pillar?" about every aspect of our business, our craft, our reason for being alive etc. and go from there. (ChangeThis.com - 25 Ways to Be Creative by Hugh MacLeod)

Publications etc.

College of Information at Florida State University

  • April 2007 ~ Graduate Student Ruth Elder ~ Research Project looks at Grandview Library
    The project looks in depth at podcasting in an elementary school library. Podcasting is explained and its potential value for learners is addressed. The Grandview Elementary School Library in Monsey, NY is described in the case study section. Grandview contains grades K-3 and its library program involves students in podcasting. Students use podcasting in many ways to enhance their learning. The Grandview Newspaper includes podcasts voiced by students who are sharing book reviews, movie reviews, podcasting tips and much more.

Scholastic Magazine

Rockland County Times Article

School Library Journal

  • September 2005
    "Tell Me a Story: A Media Specialist Promotes Reading with Podcasts"    
      SLJ Article

  • November 2005  -  "Make Way for Wiki's"
    SLJ Article

  • November 2006 - Podcasting at Grandview
    SLJ Podcast
    SLJ Podcast (Local Copy)

School Library Media Specialists of Southeastern New York

March 31st  2006
Workshop: 0 to Digital in 18 Months

Syracuse University School of Information Studies

May 26th 2006
Presentation of Grandview Library Program
Master and Doctoral Level Students
Presentation at Syracuse_University

St Thomas Aquinas - Literacy Extravaganza Presentation

October 21st 2006
Improving Literacy Using Web Based Project Organizer
~ Convergence Blips in a Parallel Universe
Literacy Extravaganza

Rockland Journal News

May 31st  2006
“Invasion of the iPod Kids”
Grandview Elementary School highlighted in this article on Podcasting
Journal News Invasion Of The IPOD Kids

Arkansas Association of Instructional Media

Summer 2007
“Invasion of the Podcasters”, Anita Fletcher
Support from Grandview Library Highlighted
Arkansas Association of Instructional Media - Summer 2007