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Web-Based Project Organizers provide a one-to-one workspace for students to access and respond to teacher developed units of study and to provide two-way communication between student and teacher. Project organizers support whole-class instruction, small group instruction, collaborative learning, and individual learning both within the classroom and from any location which has a computer and internet access.

Project Organizers may be developed to present: a single concept, a mini-lesson, a multi-week unit of study on a major topic.  Organizers can be developed for any grade-level.

Organizers may include multiple media: text, images, audio, video, web-based games, activities, and website links etc. – as appropriate to reach and engage students of all levels and learning styles. Teachers can create their own media and/or access media which is available via subscription and on the web

Teachers have web-based access to project organizer student responses – which allows them to review student work, write individualized comments, answer student questions, and share and develop instructional mini-lessons based on student work.

Project organizers support classroom instruction to ensure success for all students.


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NOTE: The following Project Organizers were created by Dr. Chauncey for Benchmark Education per their request to demonstrate Digital Pencil.


A Bear Cub Grows   A Good Pick
 Animals of Asia Alexandar Graham Bell The Power of Nature Adaptations

The Underground Railroad