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There are probably as many definitions as there are bloggers. People use blogs as online journals to share their "stories" -- anything they find interesting or newsworthy. Some authors use blogs to get input on their story ideas! Professional and amateur journalists use blogs to publish breaking news ... more in Wikipedia and another How and Why of Business Blogging. Blogs are also a wonderful source for recommendations by like-minded individuals on as many topics as their are interests. Remember -- it's OK to look outside of education to find out what would work in an educational setting! Visit Technorati to find out Who's Saying What. Right Now.

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Blogs may include images, audio (podcasts), and video (vodcasts/vlogs). Blogs may be private -- shared with networks of friends and family; or public -- have a worldwide audience of thousands.

What makes a blog more than an online journal:

Why Blog

* I've used.

Blogging In Their Own Words

Best Practices & Experience

Not ready for One Blog per Student .. then try one of these:

  • Set up one blog to which all students contribute. I did this with LearnerBlogs -- by making each student "id" a category in the blog. See the blog here.
    Everyone share the same password -- lots of trust here!

  • Another way to share one blog with LearnerBlogs is to register each student and then invite each one to be a contributor to the "main blog. In order to be invited, you must have a registered blog. (Click on Student Blogs)

Teacher sets up a blog and students contribute via comments OR links to student work.

Individual Blogs:

Teacher Blogs (a couple from many!)