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Probably the most familiar and accessible technology is digital imaging. Grab your digital camera, scan your students work, access images from web the web (non-copyrighted).
Here are just a few of the sources. Warning: Some sites may store photos which are not appropriate for young children.

Web Creation & Editing

  • Picnik - Web photo editing
  • flauntR - Web photo editing. WOW these editors are getting more sophisticated.
  • Aviary is on a mission to make creation accessible to artists of all genres, from graphic design to audio editing. We’re a privately held company currently headquartered in Long Island, NY, with team members around the world. Our founders also created, a talented community of 500,000 digital artists that participate in amazing daily contests.  Just one of many apple.
  • Google Picassa - Picasa requires a Gmail account (also free). Simple posting and sharing albums or slideshows.
  • Photoshop Express - free Photoshop Express has been launched on the web. It includes the most common features from Photoshop, plus a hefty amount of free storage space.

Desktop Creation & Editing

Using Your Images

  • Big Huge Labs - Success posters, Billboard, Magazine Cover, Name Tags, Trading Cards etc