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I created a little "movie" using Visual Communicator. This movie includes photos, a harmonica improvisation, and a narration by my son, Charlie.

I could have used a number of other tools to create the same presentation. Charlie wrote his copy in the teleprompter and then read from the teleprompter. I imported his harmonica theme and voila:

Click Kyacking on Keuka Lake.

From David Jakes' post on the Blog on digital storytelling where he shares 3 stories.Using Center for Digital Storytelling guidelines. Another approach to Digital Storytelling.

More Video Examples

Art Teacher Displays Children's Work

The following example uses a free service, Slide, to create a slide show (can also be formatted as single images which fade up, twirl up etc.

Desert Slide Show (As part of Biome Unit)

As part of our library program this year -- Stories Around the World -- we will study geography, learn about other cultures etc. We'll also do a little research project on biomes and how the environment where people live plays a part in shaping culture.

I went to Pics4Learning and chose the biome category. I downloaded pics to my computer and then uploaded them to Slide to create my pic show -- grabbed the code which Slide provides and will add that code to my Project Organizer. I could have created this slide show using my Dreamweaver Studio tools -- but this was fun, easy and accessible to everyone! (Note! There is a downside to using these online services - If Slide goes out of business or starts charging, I've lost my show.)

I pasted the code for my Desert Slide Show in this page to show you the slide show I created with desert pics. Of course, I could grab pictures from other sources and integrate them into this show. Once you create a show on Slide, you can go back and edit it -- add more pics etc

Bubble Share ~ Family Trip to Ellis Island & Statue of Liberty ~ different formats

This album is powered by BubbleShare - Add to my blog


Animoto Example (back to top)


Issue 17 (Archive)

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