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RSS allows you to manage, create, and share web based content pertinent to your area of interest. RSS content can be text, audio (podcasts), video.

RSS feeds are available for content created by individuals to content compiled by the big guys -- Google.

As with all sources of web content -- "Let the buyer beware!" Anyone can create and RSS feed and "anyone" does. If you plan to incorporate RSS feeds into a website which is accessed by students, ensure that the content is valid and appropriate!

When you "subscribe" to an RSS feed, information in the feed is "pushed" to you whenever the feed content is updated.

A tool called an aggregator collects and displays your feed. There are aggregators that are web-based and those that are downloaded to your personal computer.


RSS in Plain English



Find our what's new online -- weblogs,, news sites, breaking news etc. For example, if a feed is submitted to Technorati, an alert of a new content item hits that feed, it’ll start appearing in Technorati search results. I can take days, weeks, or months for Google to index that content.

Some Feeds to which I subscribe:
See them all on one page... & maybe a few more over time!

Remember, read the next section "Subscribe to Feeds" to set up your own subscriptions -- it's all free.



Display RSS Feeds on You Website - Article and Links

Web Based Aggregators / Readers (Demonstrations Created with Captivate)

  • Feed2JS Using a small snippet of code you can incorporate RSS feed content any web page. As an example, I went to Google News and searched for "Chimpanzees".
    Click Camera to Watch Me Do it

And are two feeds using Feed2JS script ... 5 minutes to create from start to finish!

Feed showing current articles on Chimpanzees Feed from Google

Feed of Mrs. Chauncey's Blog Created by Typepad Blog

  • Solosub ~ Use one button (or text link): and point it to your solosub page. Your solosub page is: On that page your readers can pick which RSS reader they use, I will keep it updated with the most popular options. Your readers gets a quick definition of what a FEED is, I call them content feeds, not RSS feeds or ATOM, because those terms are hard to market. (feel free to suggest a better definition than mine)

  • Super Glue

  • Netvibes

  • Pageflakes ~ I have a Pageflakes page and I love it!

  • Squeet

Desktop Aggregators