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Wikipedia on Social Networking ...

  • Social Networking For Teachers - A wiki about social networking.

  • Delicious ~ keep your favorite websites, music, books, and more in a place where you can always find them. shareyour favorites with family, friends, and colleagues. discovernew and interesting things by browsing popular & related items.

  • Flikr ~ Store, share. search and save your photos (See Image Sharing to Learn More)

  • Upcoming ~ a social event calendar, completely driven by people like you. Manage your events, share events with friends and family, and syndicate your calendar to your own site.

  • SkypeCast ~ a new way to have conversations with people across the world.

  • Meet-Up ~ helps people find others who share their interest or cause, and form lasting, influential, local community groups that regularly meet face-to-face. We believe that the world will be a better place when everyone has access to a people-powered local Meetup Group. That's our goal. (also under collaborating)

  • Ning ~ Ning enables regular everyday people with no design or development skills to get their own copy of real, working social web applications and adapt them for any need or niche.

  • Yahoo Groups ~ Connect with a world of people who share your passions.With millions of groups at your fingertips, it's easy to find the group that's best for you -- no matter your interest.

  • Bravenet Message Forum ~ Hold ongoing discussions with people from all around the world. (A Tutorial by Becoming a Webhead)

  • Gabbly Chat~ Gabbly is a chat service that allows you to chat around any webpage. It’s free to use on your personal page or commercial webpage. And here it is!

  • Buzz Tracker ~ Buzztracker is software that visualizes frequencies and relationships between locations appearing in global news coverage.

  • Twittervision ~ A real-time geographic visualization of posts to Twitter.

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