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Probably the most familiar and accessible technology is digital imaging. Grab your digital camera, scan your students work, access images from web the web (non-copyrighted).
Here are just a few of the sources. Warning: Some sites may store photos which are not appropriate for young children.


  • Dandelife ~ Generate a timeline of any kind of event in your life, write as blog-like entry, apply tags, attach images, videos, bookmarks form other web service sites.
  • Our Story ~ Make your timeline about anything, Collaborate with family and friends,Share it with whomever you want, Add your timeline to MySpace or your blog
  • XTimeline
  • Timeline
  • Capzles - Capture memories, tell your stories, travel through time
  • Flowgram - We are building a new communications platform that lets anyone package and share anything on the internet in ways never before possible. Flowgram combines the advantages of slide presentations and screencasts with an interactive user experience that fully exploits the fact that almost all the information we might ever need is already on the web. Flowgram recipients can interact with any of its pages by clicking on links, for example, or playing and pausing videos.